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Artists Guild is group of high tech and highly placed professionals and
artists working voluntarily since 1999 for the welfare of general public
using skills and art under the umbrella of ACESS.
This Organisation is led by a single person named Mr. Asif Mehmood
who have very high tech profile and working in almost every field of
Artists Guild established "Times Studios" which brought revolution in
video editting in 1999 by providing and setting up trend of NLE for
general public which made wedding video professionals to switch from video
switchers to software based editting.
Also worked commercially and emplyed many jobless artists in the project
of LOK VIRSA MUSEUM Islamabad in 2001 the largest artwork project of Pakistan.
Thus it grerwed the trends of interior designing and it helped woodwork industry
and painters to earn better in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by renovation of homes
shops and offices.

ACESS funded the Artists Guild for following projects
as per capacity of funds

1- Educational TV cable network ABS (2013)
2- Launched POS project to computerize every business on just 30% of market rates (2017)
3- Beauty Saloon training for poor women meeting international hyegene rules (2017)
4- Tubewell water supply for rural people (Filtration will be added this year) (2015)
5- Also provided technical consultancy to The Foundation For Peace Islamabad voluntarily (2008-2013)


Autoamtic "Electricity Free" fire extinguisher
We dedicated design and technology as royalty free for humanity
Free Electricity Generator
We dedicated design and technology as royalty free for humanity
Fireproof Coating for Wood
We dedicated design and technology as royalty free for humanity
Rural project of Deep Well for irrigation and Drinking Water RO
for Villagers in progress funded by ACESS and executed by Artists Guild
Location: Jinag Public School Street, Village: Ikhlas Pindi Gheb
Attock, Pakistan
Poor Women Free Training Center Naneez Beauty Saloon
Location Chaklala
Women Empowerment Project by ACESS and Executed by Artists Guild 2018