A Suicider

Defeated broken bones slithering smooth to its end
A burden of sad memories sails towards death brink
Existence has got worst than a crawling worthless ant
Hopeless heart with complaining tongue, darkened eyes
Heart forgot to beat like hearts and lights turned dark
Heart fights with soul and God, brain is bleeding heart
Traveler to the dark death caves walking at his own will
Life wants a refuge of death since respect buried alive
Heart is cut and torn apart no room for a stitch to join
Life butchers each day and hope tears apart will and soul

A butterfly watching play of hopeless traveler to the death
She flies eyes high before his face greets the dying eyes
Asks the reason for cloudy eyes rainfall creeping on face
Traveler eyeballs butterfly looks straight into worried eyes
Butterfly with greenish wings flaps like the whisper of wind  
Don’t dive into swamp, life is beautiful don’t give in to fear
Hopeless walker stumbles and falls lays on earth facing sky
Thinking about thoughts of thoughts, lost in the lost world
Rustling through painful life, stories of hopes and despairs
Butterfly sits on his chest moving with the tides of breath
Colorful wings rise and fall with the pace of beating heart
Speaks to him and asks for help and to share the sad recalls
He refuses to share bad events and any hope kindling urges

Life wants more pain from my heart I can take it no more
Patience broke doors of my dam I spent my life mending it
I am weaker and tired of life I can’t face the winds of doom
Injustice drove me to the end, my role is ended before time
To awake a hope for life in me is like sending me to hell again
You can preach and urge to live, I’m used well as fuel of life
Love, respect and hope, I burried in the coffins long time ago
One can’t fight with one’s fate wondering on paths of despair
You can make your nest on my grave if time gave me a burrial
Everyone has one’s own views and ways to lead and handle life
A bleeding crippled can’t climb up the heaven high mountains
I praise and respect your views so effort to collect me is in vain
I am dispersed broken glass, collector will pay the spilling blood
Don’t stand between me and my end my will is rockhard strong
Life leads to death everyone later or earlier betrays us all one day
Butterfly sits on a rose watches him going down like setting sun
After few heartbeats marshy land surrounded and buried him alive
Funeral ceremony was without sad songs, nature was so quiet  

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)