Autumn Flower

Flower is born in the desert with greetings of autumn wind
Cheerful Playful and light-hearted like a newborn infant
Passes the day in silver sunlight thinking of a new mischief
Plays songs in tunes of heaven when moonlight is raining
Sways in joy and ecstasy when wind blows and kisses him
One bad morning a storm saddled to wash the sandy land
Rode to east on a galloping horse rushed with speed of light
Sand flies with strikes of hooves hiding scenes of cloudy sky
Helpless flower borne by storm forced to leave his birth land
Hard soil of ground took place of the silky silverfish sand
Opened eyes and glanced new world with his waking eyes
Beheld a doom on the life and havoc in the springy garden
Stabbed flowers were dead, plants bleeding without blood
Bald trees were standing like huge sculptures of wreckage
Silhouettes of death are standing hopeless and tongue tied
Flute of peace is played to cut the hearts with sharp blade
Heap of half dead pale crippled leaves waiting for their end
New guest asked a suffering leaf about the loosing of war
Leaf smiled and whispered wisdom in eager ears of flower
Our time to serve this garden was over my gypsy friend!
Bells of autumn rang to summon the armies to massacre us
Everyone on this world dies without heartened will and wish
Circle of death keeps the life and world healthy and fresh
Death keeps the breeze fresh, waters pure and rainfall a life
You look newborn autumn flower by the costume you clad
You are on the doorstep of death, O young boy of the desert!
O newly born! your time is just started, our life meeting end
Who is the reckless cruel who drove you to untimely death?
Where did you leave your home of stalks and roots behind?
I predict! you can not survive more, your real linkage is gone
Linkage between you and earth, Link with origin is a real life
Your supply line is cut now, war is lost! Wait for sad retreat!
Cruel death can take you even in the keep of the invincible fort
Ambushed hunter hunts us well takes aim and hits the arrow
Worried flower listened all and is now fallen to eternal sleep
Compelled death swapped the place with dream, silently at once
Some wounded soldiers of war don’t forget the rules of life
Rules of dignity and humanity are always honored less on earth
People come and go with every sun! sky remains unchanged

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)