Baby Sparrow

A baby sparrow followed his mother and flapped his wings
Weaker wings couldn't carve the air into the stairs
Journey changed its destination from nest to the ground
Mother saw her heart on ground helpless helplessly
Started flying from here to there with crying chirps
A shepherd was making all the scene part of his memory
He moved forward and picked up the little baby sparrow
Little baby was scared like his flying restless mother
Last weapon of defense was his beak used as sword in war
Started biting on the palm like digging ground of prison
He started climbing up the tree and reached the nest shortly
Placed the scared baby in the secure cart and took his way
Shook his painful hand with red petals of bites and claws  
Mother asked God about that harmless strange specie
She came to know that rescuer was a 'man the best creation!'
She thought in her heart that to rescue is a godly deed
Creatures sometimes borrow a trait from God to act like God
Life is saved and wounds are marked on the hand of rescuer

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood