Barren Woman

Barren woman is uncombed and tense like strings of a harp
Circles around her eyes like eclipse, head like beating heart
Worries made her rubble of flesh blood is like the frozen tart
Wombless buries the face in pillow blames her soul and heart
Talking to herself laying in bed prey of unjust twitching alone
Staring deep at the space less sky counting stars lore of past
Flashes of light drew her heed, an angel appeared came to her
Caressed her burning forehead wiped her flowing pearls away
Lord sent patience and want talk to you through your conscience
Here speaks lord,  not all trees on my soil bear the fruits to eat
Some hold the ground tight enforce, fight against the evil time
Some blessed with the gift of shade, some burn as fuel of fire
Some trees are made for nests to keep my birds safe and high
Some born to add the beauty to make my land look like Eden
You are the beauty of my lands and blinking star of my holy sky
Your beauty and aroma is my will, I will bless you in my own way
Don’t give in to the tides of life as I sent you potion of patience
I promise you for golden sunlight flute playing on the silver land
You and many others like you are highly paid actors of my play
I created love a strange golden bird who loves the ashes of fire
Rushes to fire and burns to the death you behold on candle light
Moonlight makes the ocean restless, impatient wants to embrace
You need a pure love and brain full of lights born in your time
Search a pure love, keep your heart pure, the only key to success
Diamond burns in furnace like coal, worthy for a jeweler’s eyes
Don’t be used in hellfire as fuel, be fixed aloft on crown of time

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)