Iron core and iron hands iron will to teach the ore
Hitting the red hot glowing steel on the anvil asleep
Strikes of sledge shape the stubborn into sharp blade
Sword of a prince is about to born from worthless grips
King will rely most on this tool after his belief and hands
Big regime is hive of bees playing their own leading roles
Just will lead the king to hail and life after death is gained
Hitting the iron when it’s hot saves the toil of many days
Brittle blade will never stoop rules always rule the earth
Throwing the red hot steel into water simulates the death
Blacksmith witness manifest of the life, death and rebirth
On this earth and above the sky worthless never born
Creatures of God are string puppets in the nature’s hands
Strings are freedom option of life pick the good or bad
Blacksmith will beat the iron until deep sleep beats his life
A whole life burnt for service of walk, its way of the world
Key roles are always little and tiny stay behind the scenes

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)