Broken Son

Avalanche is falling from the  peaks of snowy hills
Why always tears follow the tears like a wild rainfall?
Man is emblum of courage and valor until he is man
Heartburn boils the blood and steam becomes tears
A broken and defeated man is never loved by a woman
Mother sitting near the pillow of son looking at his face
when harder efforts and hopes are fallen, feet seek ground
Eyes search for the blue sky like ceiling fallen on the head
Man fails when hopes are dead and blue sky turns to black
Mother cant see his son broken like tree after windstorms
Mother speaks to son to encourge him with pure falsehood
Mother knows well the way of the world and its deceptions
Failure of son is part of life she has seen it many times
She commanded him to stop crying and dont give up hope
She knows its just meaningless sayings world is more cruel
Weight of man is known by wealth and power he possesses
But she is affraid of bad paths waiting for him to be trodden
She knows these paths will lead him to the heaps of gold
Heaps of gold on the heaps of skulls is a seed of deep grief
Session of condolence and encourgement lasts until success
Outcasts lead their lives in the deep water of self deception
This water is their life and veil, a cure to social unjustness
Endowed ego and self-respect make them rule their inners
If blindnes of ego and self respect dies, death takes them

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)