Caught Fish

Hungry tired fish swims and seeks for an easy diet
No courage and power to fight with a stubborn prey
An earthworm is twitching and floating in the water
Crying for help or enjoying sights of sweeter water
Sight of worm is so alluring hung with a silky thread
Hanging like a spider from its web traveling to earth
Earthworm learnt this clever skill from a smart spider
Hanging in the water seeking place to knit a new web
Fish ambushed to attack on the new seeker to dwell
She dithered between to attack or cut down his line
Fish swallowed hanging worm in the flash of time
She could taste savories but pain clenched her lips
Fish was caught in hook like prey with an iron-core
She thought this trickster prey hunted her like prey
Bait is always a deception! My grandma taught me
She didn’t teach me how to judge a prey and a bait
Oh my God! my greed drove me to my pitiful ending
In vain is repenting on actions we make at our wills
Angel lifting her up to the sky to a brand new world
Begins the life after death! Tongue is bitter in taste
You can pray ere time, before you become a prey!

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)