Courage of Mother

Here’s your father’s iron hand sharp and clean
Grasp its neck it in your hand strangle it so tight
You were born in the desert with the songs of supplants
Get up my loving heart save your place! your native homeland
Make your fathers head raised high stab the evil time
You are my brave armor my fort soldier of the time

My heart is so polite I don’t want bloodshed
I can’t slay the living being and creeping God made men
I had my power in my brain and in my very pen
I don’t want to fight I am scared I will be killed
I have to lit the hearts and brains with what I know
I forgot to play with blade since my hands glow

My son my love u can’t sow the seed when season is gone
I know you are the glowing heart and beacon of the lights
No mother wishes to butcher a son I‘ve the heart of a mother
You are my love as others you’d slay are hearts of mothers too
Sacred cause is always huge than hearts, souls and lands
To sacrifice lives makes the cause more firm, true and strong.
Truth is the power of the heavens and triumph of the war

If I won’t back you’d play with your tears whole your life
I will bleed in the valleys of heaven and never be at rest
I don’t want to leave you alone in the blue sea of the blues
If you don’t love me from the core, I can walk away!
Why do you want to cry on my grave with eyes gazing sky?

You don’t know the heart of a mother so don’t utter of it
She can rip her heart and soul flesh and bone for her born
A son is a rock hard strong will and gal is song of heavens.
A Sacrifice to beseech the God must always be from the best
I have you the precious gem from the crown of my soul
Fight for cause and be with righteous that’s all what I want
Ashamed mother will disown son on the day of courts

I can’t see now my eyes are wet I won’t let you down
You have the heart of lioness why should I be scared
I am the blue blood courage of steel that’ll never recede
Strong arms and heart with iron core beats to rumble ground
My eyes marked with streaks of wrath breath is sigh of fire
Courage is my best defense now and bravery is my blade

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)