Deceptive Keep

City is taken and winds of fear blowing
All armed men are fallen and fled for life
Last defense of castle is on final blinks
Thuds from ground and rumbling in walls
King is under siege helplessly hopeless
Blades are getting blunt with massacre
Screams are deafening blood is spilled
Repenting like a fly over its black deeds
In the glory he clung to ancestral heed
Lover of wine wealth and luxury of life
Nature protects creation teaches us loud
Thorns save a rose, venom saves a snake   
Brain is imprisoned in the rock hard skull
Heart beats in the blinds of strong ribcage
We behold a play of defense and offense
Alas! He was blind like a black scorpion
Stung himself and his own roots and trunk
Door is broken now and sword men are in
Shoved random blades in the tender flesh
Crown once born aloft rolling on ground
Reckless glory meets a treacherous bride
Pain is destiny for those who trample rules
Injustice and short sight meets cruel end
All the tyrants are lost in pages of history
Heroic deed is a water keeps the name alive

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)