Earth Stirs

One dark morning Lord summoned earth to his palace
Asked her to become alive and throw away rude souls
Throw away the disbelievers and sailors against tides
Shake your back and get rid of burdon of leechcraft
Chastity and honor became so cheaper than a dime
Courts of land are marked with emblums of injustice
Law became pitcher of clay a stone drop far to bleed
Poor travel to inside earth richer wish to scrap skies
Wake them up and remind them of real vigilant power
Remind the men their real place toys in hand of time
Mark my warning message on the walls of great halls
Clefts and fissures cracks and rubble you will make
Shake the mind of those men undeclared Gods of time
Ere promote to stabbed crawlers prone in hot desert
Become alive and get your heart beating drum of doom
Make the tides of blood of doom shake the brickland
Let the misled logical sinners lost in the darkness of light
Wisdom will spect the crawling ants and soaring birds
Wisdom will know about command with the bark of dog
Earth obeyed the command of lord and trembled badly
Tides with crest and trough turned sight upside down
Pink picture and scenario of life turned into blue
Smiles turned into tears and cry within fraction of time
Innocent welcomed in the heaven sinners sent to fire
Life is the property of Lord mortality is our destiny
Blessing turns into wrath a matter of time and deeds

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood