Life of an autumn Leaf

I am beauty of the sight, cladding of a bare tree
My color makes the nature cheerful and green
We all have to play our roles in our whole lives
We play it well and sign out, its demand of play
I am glad that I’ve justified with my toiling role
Faced the hot sun and rainfall, winds and storms
Heart freezing cold winds now playing with me
My old friend spring is parted and lost somewhere
My costume is turning pale will turn to bronze soon
Stem is my linkage with earth, will be cut off soon
I will be set free very soon rustling on the streets

I am the golden ornament of the beautiful autumn
My employer has given me now a brand new job
I watch the world with my eyes that I once amused
Wondering on streets to streets and roads to roads
Traveled a lot through the city, I need a long rest
Need a white blanket of snow on me, I am so tired
I want to sleep at eternal peace as my work is done
I possibly won’t get up yet I’d love to serve more
I was a little leaf but an obedient servant of my lord
I had been a part of his kingdom, it makes me proud

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)