Little Man

Black clouds of despair raining on a broken little man standing under sky
Alas my god! U made me so small so hard to rise like the shining sun
I have no honor no dignity on this ground how can I dream of it in the sky?
All leaves of this tree different in colors, air is making them rustle like me
Stop your uttering its my world! who speaks like a reckless blunt sword?
How many lives you wish to serve? How much in past life have you served?
I serve my whole creature day and night, why are you tired of a little toil?
Honor and dignity grows from your heart, if its pure its throne of the God!
Respect your inner self and all living being, lead your life in peace and calm
Visionless and doubtful hearts cant decide! who is big and who is Small?
How much life you hope you’d live?  Life is shorter than a flash of light
Keep your conscience free and alive, contentment can promote your rank
Power, health or worldly heaps can’t make you high in omnipotent eyes
You’re each other’s test, judgment day will make your face black or white
Think of a big deal cling to your role, don’t waste your life in complaints

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)