Love Lesson

Descending crystal pearls on the marble finished bumpy cheeks
Heart is crying through her eyes drenching pillow underneath
Breath is hot and like the smoke of burning dreams and hopes
Laying lamely on the bed softness of silk is burning like thorns
Sky is turned red and sun is black, winds of east always betray
Heart started beating everywhere in her body and in the brain
Mother came in her room and walked to her and sat by her side
Caressed her hair softly and looked into her sparkling red eyes
Don’t cry over worthless gems, my piece of heart my only soul!
Love is always misconceived it’s not the fault of love, my lass!
Love is a bond of relationship it’s the cement of trust and belief
You can’t build the tower of dreams on the foundations of love
Love is shelter less lost spirit seeks for the safest place to dwell
Heart was the safest place with us she started to live in it to haunt
Person with mere flag of love is on the war with wisdom and brain
You have seen a man’s love, your heart is full of filth of disbelief
Meaning of real love for a woman revealed on her born first cry
Love splashes to tears again with sight of innocent looks of born
Shy love always needs a shield, a veil of real bondage and trust
Lovers leave you in the storm, friends don’t care for sinking ship
Relation of blood is always sacred and safest ritual to perform
Man is a fickle indulgent forest all paths lead to pavement of lust
Love of man is a blessing when you walk on the path told by lord

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)