Love Speaks

Moonlight revealing in the dark two sailors of a boat
Flying on the carpet of waves of calm and serene lake
Tongue is mum, eyes talk with eyes heart with heart
Hands in hands melting ice of the souls and passion
Dancer on the beats of heart lust is warmth of blood
Lips stop the lips to speak and cheeks slice the wind
Nature of woman is like a lake holds all of memories
Calm and quiet makes ripples with drop of a tiny stone
Softhearted  moonlight spell enchants hearts of men
Man is like splashing sea that throws the sunk away
Tides are ruthless reckless power, thuds of a sledge
Love is beloved of the lust thorns and silk are united
Dance of life is command of lord, Adam and Eve abode
Life moves from tunnel to cave it leaves fleshy gates
Eden rock is kissed by lots, reminds us the gate of life

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)