Miracles Awaited

Man always seeks for a medium to talk to his God
God lives in the heart and every breath of living being
Doubt is a great enemy of human a cause of fall down
Purity of heart is a state of mind a doorstep to His path
Heart enriched with pure love leads a man to real goal
Love for God in a heart, is claimed by both man and God
Sacred are those hearts which get aside from evil winds
Life will go on with reaping corps sowed in the last season
Misled waits for a miracle wisdom and effort is real victory
Life is like the science, follow the rules and rise like a sun
Respect every living being see the reflection of God in it
Rely on your hands than miracles that wont happen at all
Meditations and inner flights are selfish useless stones
To wipe a tear from a cheek is better than lives of prayers
Love creature and serve creature assist the ruling Lord
Become His hands and His will, rule the agonized hearts
Victory is to conquer hearts, robbing gems is banditry

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood