Mother and the God

Chapter of life is about to end, Pieces on the board wiped out
God summoned embodyment of mother for a last meeting
sitting face to face he spoke with praise and honor
We both were creators of the best creation on the earth
You were revealed I was under seven dazzeling blind veils
To crerate a human was the hardest art , You replicated it well
You were the canvas I always wanted it to be painted
The pain you borne for me has highest regard in my eyes
Your sacrifice was so big I dont have worthy reward for you
I'm winding up my all heavens and hells after countless dooms
My promise with human race is fulfilled its time to return to light
From angels to human everything is about to loose their existance
I am setting a new board for another race and existance
Mother spoke humbly with deep grief and dark tears cooled eyes
My God I want reward from you now, I dont have a very big wish
Decendants from Adam to last man born on dooms's day
Each woman and man you created in me were pieces of art and love
I beg to spare my golden ripe fields from burning to ashes
Look at my darkened and sad eyes like endless blind tunnels
You are omnipotent and magnificiant dont close this chapter
You always dispensed your love through my warm smiles
Keep my smiles alive with the sight of my sons and daughters
God smiled at mother and granted the reward she asked for

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood