Night Walker

Pearl of black ocean shining above my head like a guiding angel
Walking in the moonlight on earth and walking inwardly in my soul
Trampling my memories and flying in concience, a journey of myself
I opened the golden gates of my kingdom, a great world inside me
Porters are sleeping fearless in the wellcoming valleys of dreamland
I enter my domain with limitless silver ground and blue shining sky
Green leaves flash like fire flies and trees bow to hail me with smile
Endless galleries of portraits and sculptures of people I met in past
Miles of roads of my written creations glowing like streaks on earth
Restless ocean of skill and knowledge endowed by my lord to me
Eight towers standing straight with spiral glass stairs lead to paradise
Stones make ripples in the river of love, expand and dissolve with time
Some ripples vanish with good memories some with bad repentings
Coloful butterflies are my smiles, I cast in the air to slay cruel sadness
My mischieves and jests are turned to cheerful deer and dancing birds
My rainy sadness and red tears, watered silent and dark black forests
Skies are bright like blue mercury are hopes and prayers I made in life
Winds blow inside me from the hearts whom I once guided to the real
Green dwey grass are my wills and efforts that made paths to tread
I see grass snakes and scorpions which are my sins I avoid to recall
Sun and moon are both lit above my head, both are my soul creators
Here's the city I constructed all my life, followed the footsteps of lord
A blue mount of love is my soulmate, we once parted in the paradise
There's always a big mount in each cage of spirit with many little clifs
Flowers I see are kisses I planted on the cheeks of my real beloveds
Swamp is my anti nature views, its bottomless and hungry all the time
All that I feel and behold inside me, all is real lifetime partner of mine
I cant get rid of walking inwardly, it will be my only friend after my end
Create a heaven inside yourself, that is the place where you'd dwell
I always walk on long routs in my self and in my heart to root out filth
Man is supposed to commit the sins,  to avoid a sin is a well paid toil
Fragrant rainbow and colorful breeze are happy sparkling offspring
Glowing high trees sway with ecstasy with storms of spiritual tides
Ripe crops waver with the winds, ready to be reaped for a good fruit  
Howls of wolf from icy white mountains are fears and worries I had
Fears and worries in our lives, change tracks of train on wrong line
Sadness whips the heart to make it strong, helps us lead a bold life
Rustling leaves and cold winds drew me out from my inner world
My world is beautiful and full of mysteries, to me its a great joyland

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood