Pharaoh Skull

Wind is going cruel embracing sand
Dance of strom is wild cheek to cheek
A skull is borne on the wings of storm
Skull spoke to wind to " throw me away!"
Strikes of sand are making me decay
I have no more power and no control
I was the pharaoh of Egypt ere days
I was cruel and heartless as you are now
I never stoop but made everyone bow
I was the great god of my big regime
Life and death was in my very hands
Stir of my tongue burnt golden fields
Wilderness of death broke my throne
Darkness and fog blindened my sight
Lost in the screams of pain I sowed
Hopeless stumbler is on endless road
Burry me under the curtains of sand
My pain is the wrath of my lord, I forgot

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)