Puppy and Dog

A playful dog in the middle of night skipping on the road
Teaching her newborn novice puppy the manners of life
To ambush and to hunt was the lesson of that night
Kindled roads were empty in the yellow streetlights
Signal lights were playing streaky songs on wet roads
Silent night and dark sky was waiting for parted sunlight
Puppy sitting in front of his mother killing novicehood
A car slammed with puppy to end his lessons of life
Reckless tires trampled brutally his tender flesh twice
Mother ran away looking back with wet and scared eyes
Left her love behind with crippled, stabbed bleeding heart
Stopped twice but sleeping puppy didnt folllow her steps
Fear and sadness conflicted while she was running away
A fought war between motherhood and fear lost and won
A shortest war I have ever seen with my waking eyes
Rubble of her beloved was turning black road to red
Worthless paint spilled, firm bond of love burried alive
Treads wrote long stories with a brand new dirty ink
Stories of creulty of time and veil between life and death
A dark veil between happiness and tumolt was lifted up
Play of fall and lift of curtains between smile and tear ended
Time is the reckless ruler! driving era to a smokey end

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood