River and the Sea

Greenery and aroma of earth is sweet and fruitful
I am the sweeter flowing water and spirit of the life
Magical dance of life will go on under my swift spell
Wavy crops will hail the winds under the smoky sky
I’m the rainfall of honey, sent from heaven of earth
Butterflies cast a spell and enchanting sips of wine
I am the spirit of joy and pleasure, soul of the life
I travel to sea and die in it washed the whole world
City of death so bitter in taste dark and the blind
Colors of life shine so bright in valley of dark poison
Life is growing with green tendrils death is on guard
Life will born again from the womb of blue smoke
Walk of world is circle of death for passion of the life
I’ll be lifted to the heaven fly with the unicorn clouds
Life shakes hand with death, doubt was once a belief
Sun is born in the east and dusk kills it in the west
We sleep to death every night and we open eyes in life
We play with the death each time while we fight breath
World is play of life and death, we smite and survive
Seasons come and go in the sun kill woods and vitalize
Bitter death and sweet life change their meanings with time

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)