Satan and the Saint

Wakeup O pious man of lord! don’t sleep in  working hours
I am immortal Satan of olden times came to you for your good
To teach you my commandments you forgot to act upon them
I have spent millions of lives to worship my lord’s potent grace
He released me from his service on a just small mistake I made
My all prayers were disregarded, crown became burning wrath
Your life is short! You cant earn enough that saves from hellfire
He knows all the mistakes you made in past, I’m eyewitness too!
I am the witness of your deeds, I will catch you on day of courts
He won’t forgive you! I will be the plaintiff! defendant shall fall!
Get up and go to your work, fill this world with pleasure of lust
Sin is the beauty of life, follow my paths and get eternal peace
I will spare you from His wrath, I will prove you as helpful part
I am alive since this all was born, all happened before my eyes
I am free to act and fly across the sky, earth has shrunk for me
I am the lord of black blessings, you’ve been scared of my sights
Don’t take his name! stop useless praise! no reward awaits you
He only needs men and women as the fuel to be burnt in hellfire
He will catch you all on a little mistake, I have faced it myself !
Pain and sadness give him pleasure, scream is like music to him
I always dealt in pleasure and joy, how can I be called a blessed?
My lord doesn’t want to see any of us enriched with fun and joy
He created this world to sow and reap crop of sadness and pain
He created man and asked to pray, misfortune is always a prize
Lead your life in the way I tell you, enjoy before you are burnt !
Open your eyes and behold his injustice on every turning of life
Some are blessed with crown and some are crawling baggers
He gave his verses to every religion and commanded all to fight
I don’t believe in religions or any of cults,  thats all root of discard
See the man fights with man, spilling blood filling dams of history
Men and women cry with wounds, thorny life grasped their souls
Look at the hungry child trying to sleep, orphan awaits miracles?
Holy war made a child rubble of flesh, pile at rest in a mother’s lap
Blood is mixed with tears tells the story of peaceful religious men?

Hail my enemy! born of fire and rings of burning red and black smoke!
I am the humble and worthless mist and dust! I am born of filthy blood
My lord is omnipotent and my duty is to pray and praise him abased
You are set free and free to act, it was your request you better know!
You didn’t make small mistake, you disobeyed your creator eye to eye
My mistakes are not bigger as you think, blessing of my lord is so huge!
My lord created me with his love and sent me to soil land at his will
He will give me the courage to bear if he wishes to burn me in the hell
I will bestow my countless lives, if my God wishes to burn me in the hell
I can leave this colorful life for his name, but lord hates mess on earth!
If he looks at me and listens to my words, this pride can snatch my sleep!
Love for him with knowledge of the real, takes us to a timeless journey!
I know evil is the part of life and root of human desires in this world
To adopt the evil is not the compulsion, this choice is in our controls
To test creature, evil was sent just as a choice, don’t call it spirit of life
If you claim that world will fall if evil is driven out or abandoned and slain
Kingdom of my Lord is standing on the lights since no trace of evil was seen
Darkness of evil was born and named since a holy command was disobeyed!
Path of evil is like the heaven for those misleads, who like to disregard God!
We pass our lives and act our best for contentment of our hearts and souls
Remember my friend! blessed are those hearts who are satisfied and bright!
We commit evil or good to feed hungry desires of our hearts and souls
Bright souls will always crave for light, dark souls live to commit sins
Lord doesn’t need the pain and sadness of his own loving creature
Sadness and pain in this world is always a reap what we had sowed
God told us right paths to tread, our wisdom always chooses a diversion
Misfortune hits us when our will and efforts deny knowledge and skills
Hard luck and hardships become carpet for those who tread the time
Good luck is a decision in time and consistent efforts that hit bull’s eye
My belief about the pain is a test that designed to check our fortitudes
We all have to get through this test frownlessly for the honor of our lord
Lust for power and greed of wealth are manmade tyrant thoughts
Evil grows the plants of ego and treachery, with cruel poisonous fruits
Lord gives us the sunlight and sight of blue sky, crops grow from soil
See the world with waking eyes! its busy in our service round the clock
His colorful birds keep us happy and playful, green trees keep us fresh
Look at the grassy grounds, look at the endless sky full of rainy clouds
Listen to the music of flowing water, behold the joy of a swimming fish
Snowfall and winds of south, look at the galaxies of moons and stars    
Look at beauty of silver deserts guarded by the dry and hot storms
See the high gold mountains and deep greenish seas full of treasures
We were the inmates of paradise, he gave us a jot of its taste on earth
We were expelled from paradise! it was fruit of trust in your seductions
I don’t cry for the lost paradise, I cant quit my precious belief for you
His all religions lead us to real peace, he dislikes causeless bloodshed
He commands us to fight to root out evil growing among the misleads
Amputation of rotten organ revitalizes! its a doubtless service to mankind
Wars on ground always fought for wealth, power or lands and seas
Holy wars are for holy causes and the holiest cause is to root out evil
No religion permits to fight with the peaceful minds and loving hearts
God didn’t command us to fight each other yet to halt the wrong is right
All religions lead us to God and teach us to lead a peaceful and useful life
You cant command me! Can you create some to compete my lord’s skills?
Your work is to rot the hearts! with your stinking tools and thoughts
You do your work, I have to do my own, its time to depart on crossroad !