Sermon of Spider

I am the wisest creature full of skills and arts
Listen to my words carefully, dont look at my size
My brain is small but my tongue speaks wisdom
Wisdom drives a creature closer to its creator
My home is weakest but it comes from my inner
My lord endowed me the whole world inside me
My bed is made of finest silk, lighter than air
My prey comes to my doorstep, I dont ambush
I pass my life in peace, I offer my prayers
My web has a lesson for weaver and for wisdom
I re weave my web if its broken or gets old
A deadly dagger is my survival hiden in my belly
Lord has conveyed a lesson through my exsistance
Be patient, Stay skillful, get ready for a bad time
Stay calm and at peace, have a faith in your Lord
Self reliance is a virtue spares us from the curse
Curse of baggary and curse of mistrusted trust
Face the winds and rainfalls, shiny and dark sun
Be a product make a product lure the rest of world

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood