Stray Tear
Lightening and thunder ripping serene of horizon
Ocean is calm and storm is frozen
Clouds prevailing by escort slashes of lightening
Board is set and pawns of rain are ready to attack
Two soldiers handshake before the plunge
Two armed drops collide with memories
One utters alas! I was a filth worthless as nothing
Other claimed I was the one  who shook the ground
My possessor was a lady of chastity as pure as sunlight
I was living in her eyes since long like a pearl in the shell
I never thought she will leave me but bad omen clenched
She was in love and fought with her hearts and very own souls
She was walker of the spiral paths leading to the Sacrifice
I couldn’t make her think that love will make you worthless
One summer day bleeding wounds of love shone so bright
She saw her streams reflection in the flowing waters
Said goodbye and left me before she left this reckless world
I've been wondering in the rivers and in the seas for time
I am now in the skies about to fall down to the earth
Recurrent punishment is my destiny since I am stray

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)