The Man

Mountains stand on earth like nails driven in the ground
Man is weight of family ties, and fearless shelter for all
Courage and rock hard will to move with urge to protect
Strength is a ruthless horse on two legs stands for a rein
To put a bridle to this wild horse and saddle on his back
Triumph is always written for a woman with feminine traits
A woman holding soft heart and tongue with sottish eyes
Knows the art to grasp his heart while foot in the stirrup
Dike of bravery and the valor leads the fearless brave life
Real man is truthful to his company and honors his words
Man the heir of outdoor wisdom licks the bitter hardships
Firm hands make a cleft and fissure in mountain's heart
To fight for dignity and rule with honor flows in his blood
Women are strong but not the brutal or cruel life snatchers
Men always like to see them soft and fragrant like fresh rose
Earth looks at shining moon as parted part of her times ago
Woman is parted part of man a dweller of ribcage ere times
Man looks at woman like a found thing, once lost in heaven
Woman always seeks for the throne in lost palace of thorax
Circle of life draws man and woman, to place from they came
Love grows with roots and tendrils, creeps on pure hearts

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood