Muhammad (At Peace)

Wisdom faith and blessings were concentrated in his grasp
Shephered and beacon for stray followers and distorted cults
Seal on the line of messangers no prophet will come till doom
Line of messengers from God was ended to never be remade
Prophecies for his appearance are found in each book of God
Jews foretold and Najashi gave warm support to words of God
He appeared with faith at its best and blessings at their peak
He appeared with love for all and hatred only for evilly deeds
Forgiveness found its meanings with his gestures and kind heart
War against ignorance he fought and won what we all wish to win
God spoke to us through his words, eyes and actions he made
Message of God conveyed to masses through the book Quran
Taught us well the way of life from weddding to the war games
Advised us to get marry rather than keeping lots of sinful mates
Its a way to peace and security, for man woman and offspring
Civilized way to quench desires are always honored among us
His honesty and truthfullness are even praised by his enemies
Peace among nations and cults was his focal point and aim
Miracles swaped with hardwork, reveries with 'to sow and reap'
Prophets came with miracles, cleft of moon he made to assure
Helping others and seeking knowledge is lovely act near our God
Equality among black and white has no trace in past before him
Equality of man and woman is like day and night and sun and moon
Highly placed are well-wishers poor and rich are all alike near God
Service to the mankind is like walking on the footsteps of God
To help needy as brothers and sisters in dignified way he stressed
Crime and sin lead us to eternal grief, ruin spirit of conscious forever
Modern civilisation and rules, laws of life got colors in his tenure
Taught us to respect all heavenly religions, as the basics of belief
God ordered us to respect heavenly books and all worship halls
Infidals worship worldly benefits! open enemies of peaceful life
Seed of Injustice and ignorance is like termite in the roots of a tree
Parents are our virtual creators and most honored after our Lord
Brother or sister, elder or younger, must respect each beating heart
Prophet loved the role of teacher who carves the novice to a scholar
Offshoots and roots of science grew with tendrills from soil of Islam
Our duty is to praise our Lord for all the art we behold He created
Singleness and omnipotence are powerful traits of our great God
Bow your heads to only God, He is the real helper and benevolent
Prophet commanded us to ask, for help and blessing only from God
God invited us to think and research for undiscovereds in his Quran
Spread love and peace on earth with civilized brothers of our world

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood