The Satan

Evil is the hinge of gates of our universe
Lifting of evilly curtain is end of show of life
My God took good and evil part is on my side
I am at my lord's service whom I once denied
My work is to seduce and mislead weaker men
Betray and deceive them when time hits end
I steer the ships of hypocrites to the hellfire
They have to bear pain to vitalize pleasures
On the end I would resign from my hard post
Abase before the God and 'll ask for reward
I tested your creation with my skills and art
I found the heart as weakest bull's eye to hit
I always attacked the place where you lived
Truly pure hearts are strong precious gems
Clear like the white sunlight of the heavens
I drove all rotten hearts to the valleys of hell
Mercy my lord I was on fault forgive us all