The Woman

Creation of love in the golden swift sunlight is blue
Needs its embodiment and prayed for its possessor for years
My lord created woman with skill and imprisoned love inside her
Sworn to keep the entrusted cause of grand creation of universe
Reward for the Burdon bearer was blessed with the traits of God
A Living manifestation of Lord on the golden screen of ocean land
Love inside her made her pray to share more load of the lord
Agonized with the pain of creation with her blood and godly traits
Iron courage and rock hard strength all born of her domain.
Life and light for barren lands, rainfall on the dying leaves
Restless service darkened eyes, shade worth of burnt in the sun
Burning feet on the hell hot sand, walk of life and tear of patience
Listless woman never complained searches for the tree to rest
Burning feet will tread the dewy grass under mercury blue sky
Kindled hope is wistfully beheld with hopeful eyes lost in the sky
Drudgery broke her to the bleed, seeks to sigh in pure breeze
Faith is a wingless crippled bird, in the tumult she can’t breed
No more Burdon, no more pain at the threshold of retreat

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood (Author)