Time of Death

An old woman asked by death angel for a company
A company that will end in another starange world
No courage to say goodbye to her beautiful home
Her life was passed to serve and work for her family
She recalls her first love and all passions of her life
Her all sibling and lineage were dearest to her heart
Kids and soulmate were highest placed after her God
Creation of woman tells she's material lover by birth
Circle of life spins on her worldly wishes and desires
To leave this colorful world was hardest task for her
Lessons of past tell us aloud that no one is immortal
Our souls are immortal but stay in the world is mortal
Death is a compulsive path leads us to a place to rest
Rest before the judgement day will come is our belief
She cant resist to will of the nature, her end awaits her
Angel came to her and grasped the spirit from her nose
Pulled the spirit from every pore and every cell of body
woman trembled and took a shock before she was free
standing out of her body and saw her old home she left
Spirit was caged in the flesh and bone now its free to fly
She saw helplessly crying decendants, a useless cry
Her journey with angel lead her to a big and new world
City was setlled with countless souls living in the peace
Angel endowed her a home and asked her to take rest
She was lighter than air and glowing like white clouds
She was enchanted by her own real dazzeling  beauty
Flashback was her new friend, conscience was throned
Good deeds were so joyous evildoers lost in deep grief
She used to walk through the city among billions of souls
Some faces were so dark and some were glowing prides
Grief was fruit of mortification, a valour for helping hands
Future is in our hands, we act for! what we wish to see

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood