War on God

A caravan was passing through woods of wishland times ago
Preachermen were accompanied walking on their feet with aims
Supremacy over living race has always been a dream of man
Belief and cult are to a wise man like crutches for a crippled man
Night has fallen darkness prevailed over each bit of leaves
Peaceful men at rest were fresh pray to the vigilant preachers
One started preaching his belief other stood and denied at all
Third took part silently in the reaction like a blunt catalyst
Peaceful life was disturbed badly sleeping men awoke!
Caravan was turned into court, disputes arose like wood's fire
A man was watching all with his laughing and crying eyes
He moved and stood among all and asked 'em to keep mum
Spoke aloud and asked to leave caravan who reps devil and sin
No one left because no one talked of anything other than God's
All heavenly religions lead us to God, ethics and to the humanity
Rules to keep peace and order are derived from words of God
To keep peace and happiness alive was motto of messangers
Bad is bad and crime is crime no religion supports a sinner
Way of life is always chosen in the light of culture and customs
To fight with eachother is making weaker what you spoke lately
You all have same destination let followers decide the easy path
Become a model, be the cite, be the one who follows esteems
Let the eyes to decide! ears are deaf now to worthless words
Expell the malice from your hearts, hug with Godmade men!
Futile is the war on God, fight against injustice and ignorance

Copyright 2005, Asif Mehmood